All Saints´Day

All Saints´Day

Today is All Saints´ Day, a public holiday in my canton but not in the neighbouring ones close by. This morning, I was meeting a friend who also had a day off, for an early breakfast in a favourite café. It is a strange feeling driving through empty streets in the middle of the week without the usual buzz of early morning traffic. It is a gloomy and grey morning, no sun and the possibility of rain later on. Lucky for us, the café is not closed for the holiday.

The night before All Saints´Day, Halloween, is not such a big event here and only very few children dress up and go out trick-or-treating to neighbours´ houses, as they would do, for instance, in the US.

On All Saints´ Day, in most countries in Europe, it is common for Christian families to attend church, as well as visit cemeteries in order to lay flowers and candles on the graves of their deceased loved ones. This is also a day when people think about death, of perhaps losing or having lost a friend or family member. The whole atmosphere seems subdued and quiet today and accompanied by cold and rainy autumn weather, perfectly fitting the occasion.

I was happy to meet my friend instead, as I had something to tell and discuss.

A friend of mine, living in Germany, was diagnosed with leukaemia recently. He is luckily not suffering from the more aggressive type, acute leukaemia, but rather from the slower version called Chronic Lymphocystic Leucaemia. Nevertheless, a very scary experience for him and although he is still at the very early stage where there are too many lymphocytes in the blood but no other signs or symptoms, he needs to now face many tests and regular checking as the cells could increase quickly and the lymph nodes could start to be affected.  

When he told me about it, he was scared but determined to use this illness to find out more about his inner self and how to be able to heal the disease for himself and later to be able to show others how to heal their disease as well. For him, the main goal is to find out how to transcend physical matter and with it the disease and his entire physical human physical existence.

Healing the physical body through consciousness change

He has been a healer and spiritual leader for many years and feels certain that this disease can help him gain the knowledge and guide him to change his consciousness and widen his awareness even further to become one with the universal life force, just as the yogis in India have done for many centuries. At this state of high awareness, the person becomes one with creation and is thus able to change the physical body. There have been many reports of such instances, where complete healing happened instantaneously and we call them “miracles”. It is, of course, necessary in this state, to let go of all of our concepts, of our personality and also of all material attachments. The person must become fully aware of who he truly is, including the dark sides which are inherent in all of us and there must be an overwhelming desire to continue living in this body.

I do not think many people in this situation have this desire so strongly. My friend with me in the café tells me that the hospital department she works in is filled with terminally ill cancer patients. Most have no real desire to become more aware and find out the true reasons for falling ill in the first place. Most of them are accepting all suggestions of conventional healing methods, prescribed by their doctors, like chemotherapy, radiation treatment, medication, etc. They are hoping that once successfully treated, they can go back to their normal lives and continue as before.

How can that be? They are perhaps not understanding the reason for their illness and they do not want to give up their life they have known and are comfortable with because they do not dare to even think in other directions. The fear of change is too great.

It seems, however, my friend is different and truly wants to transcend beyond the apparent physical limitations.

I am absolutely certain that this is possible and that he will succeed and thus find a new clarity about life, raise his own awareness and later be able to pass his knowledge and ability on to his clients.

Why am I writing this today? I was doubtful at first, when he told me about this huge mission of his and I thought why should he, of all people, be able to achieve this awareness change? So many people have tried and failed in healing themselves. I even knew one young woman, who died of breast cancer and had unfortunately failed to stay in her body. Perhaps he should rather also try the path of the conventional medicine, just to be sure.

But I no longer think this way. His experience is now years later and feels different from the young woman´s I once knew. Changes in awareness and transcending our belief systems are necessary and at this time urgently needed for all of us and this will be his way to contribute.

I admire him for his determination and look forward to telling you more when the time is right.

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