Aortic Dissection and genetic causes

Video of operation

While looking to find more details about my emergency operation, how and what was performed, I found a video about an operation replacing part of the ascending aorta, very similar to mine.

Genetic testing for hereditary diseases

In my particular case, the other parts of my aorta that did not rupture looked fine and because I do not seem to have any of the usual risk factors, a genetic defect is suspected and a tissue sample of my aorta was sent in for genetic testing after the operation. Doctors suspect a genenetic tissue disorder and due to the vast amount of possibilities, the testing will be taking months, if not years. Paper on sequencing published by the Zurich Center for Genegic Studies and Diagnostics, leading institute for rare diseases, who are testing my genes.

I have 3 children and if a genetic disorder is discovered, the chance for my children having inherited the disease would be at 50 percent. Already now, as a precaution, they are having yearly scans done to evaluate their arteries to help rule out or detect starting aneurysms early in the areas of the ascending aorta as well as of the descending aorta.

John Ritter Foundation

After the actor John Ritter died suddenly of an acute aortic rupture in 2003 at the age of 54, the John Ritter Foundation was created by his wife.

The John Ritter Foundation is devoted to making the condition and treatment better known to the general public as well as raising awareness among doctors and supporting reseach into its causes.