Change or perish?

Change or perish?

I am not good at predictions. I rather stick to reality and reality is looking rather bleak and frightening at the moment. From that, I can draw some conclusions.

While I am by far not an expert on economics, it is clear that, especially small, businesses are suffering great losses. I can see that. Businesses are simply closed. Not all, yet, but the tendency is that they will! While people are fighting with the invisible virus, business owners are, in addition, fighting for their livelihood. They are in the bind – they have commitments, payments to make, rent to pay. Who is going to help them? It is the same in all affected countries.

Some governments are promising short term loans and help packages. Those will not be enough. I am not writing this to judge. Just stating the facts.

What do we want our future to look like?

Aside from the worries and uncertainties, this fierce crisis is also giving us a great opportunity to evaluate our own lives as well as the social systems we have been dependent on.

While very commendable, is it enough to do some neighbourly work and help others in need at a time like this? This might not change the world.

I feel, we need to do more and better. We need to hugely change our behaviour patterns in the Western world. Secretly, we all wish for this crisis to be over soon so that we all can go back to the way we were, right?

Go back to our safe income, to the luxuries, our recreational activities, largely uncaring about our environment and not considering where our supermarket foods and the money we earn are ultimately coming from.

I admire people who are able to live self-sustaining lives. Grateful for what they produce and conscious of the fragile land they live on.

But I would not really want to live like this. I am not any different from the rest. I like my amenities, the conveniences of having easy access to whatever I desire, within limits, of course.

Coming back to “normal”?

What is normal? We have taken our routines and patterns of living for granted. We accept the fact that our behaviour greatly destroys our environment. We work hard – often we have to take on jobs that are not fulfilling at all – often even by choice because we might earn more money that way – fulfilment might not be high on our list of priorities. So we convince ourselves, we deserve a little luxury as compensation. That might be particular brands of clothing, our regular travels during vacation and much more.  

I know that a deep and fundamental change must come. I know that for certain and lots of other people know it, too. We are just hesitant and scarred of the far reaching and unknown implications. We are unable to plan for anything and the uncertainty is great. Many people have seen this coming and have talked about it for many years, but now, we are on the verge of it actually happening in a big way.

From my perspective, it is not the material world around us that must change first. It is our inner world and our understanding of who we are. All of us, we need to open up to our true life purpose und to the true reason for our individual lives here on this planet.  We have forgotten all of it over many millennia.

I would love to be able to help with the opening to this inner knowledge and to help people stop being afraid and take life as the great gift and opportunity it truly is.

Like children, we could start to rediscover the wonders of our world and draw from our inner knowledge. This is where our creativity and joys flows endlessly!

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