Choose the comfort zone OR embrace life

Choose the comfort zone OR embrace life

Wouldn´t you like to experience joy and fulfilment every day? This would mean, you have a true purpose and are able to live your own true passion. People who do that would describe their life as a fulfilled one.

And what about living in your comfort zone? Simply settling for a job to earn money to pay the bills or staying in a relationship that has gone stale but would require some action and courage from your side to make a change. Sometimes even to contemplate a change can trigger fear.

I stayed in that condition until something changed drastically…

During my recovery from an acute ascending aortic dissection, I joined a facebook group of people who had also experienced a Near Death Experience.

I felt so lucky to have survived my life threatening sudden condition, and was still amazed by my extraordinary experience, that I wanted to share and also hear the stories other people had to tell. I was reading a lot about how “the other side” was perceived during their NDE, how there was a light or a tunnel and how these people were later drawn back into their bodies to make their recovery.

For some, the extraordinary event caused them to afterward change their lives, become more aware and appreciate their second change in a more conscious and intense way.

Some accounts state that the true realisation of what had happened only dawned on them much later. Some were writing that they had been children when it happened and a particular life plan only crystallised after growing up and while searching for their personal vocation.

People seem to feel very differently about such a deep experience and draw their very personal conclusions. They make their individual decisions after it happened. I do not think there is a right or wrong, equally as there is no right or wrong about what is perceived and understood during the NDE or how the event is interpreted afterward.

What I am sure about is that life for all of these people, including myself, is changed and that a new life path has been chosen for us. It is up to each one of us whether we also want to walk it.

In my case, I feel driven to do things and seem to be more open to guidance from the non-physical world.

For me, the experience itself (although just as awesome and mind boggling as for most of us who have experienced this) does not seem to have the greatest importance. Much greater to me is the result of this experience. What matters most to me is my change in perception and the new view on life.

I have been given an opening to knowledge and insight on how I perceive human existence now.

This does not mean that my entire life has changed overnight or that I suddenly know my entire life plan. No, I get glimpses of what needs to happen and I often have a certainty about what is right for me or wrong.

For instance, recently, I was asked to come along to see a particular play, a comedy, in Zurich. Although I had the time and would normally have liked to come along, that time, I had the strong feeling to decline and not join my friend. At that time, I did not know why and could not explain that feeling. But as it turned out, on the day of the play, my friend suddenly fell ill and needed to stay home. My strong resistance to coming with her had saved me from either having to go on my own or wasting the money for the ticket.

Or, not too long ago, I would suddenly have the feeling to call a friend and tell her to go and see her neighbour despite the fact that they had previously quarrelled. It turned out that when my friend went to see the neighbour, their quarrel was forgotten and the neighbour admitted how much she had actually wished and needed for my friend to come to her and that she had just not dared to make the first move.

I am also drawn to places and events because I just feel an urge to go there. It is the same with reading certain books or watching certain films, some of which I feel have a particular message for me or a certain energy I can relate to.

More and more, the emphasis of my life seems to lie on how I can best serve the greater plan and how to honour this second chance I have been given. 

A second chance must not always come with a Near Death Experience, a life-threatening disease or a personal catastrophe.

Sometimes, a realisation that something in one’s life just does not work and a humble but brave change of direction will work just as well. This requires first admitting that something is amiss and second, to overcome the fears of change, stepping out of one’s comfort zone and embracing a change with all of its consequences.

It is our choice – accept change or rather live an uncomfortable life within one´s comfort zone!

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