how theheartknows started

how theheartknows started

By now, I realise that my heart knows much more than my brain and is leading me towards a new life and new experiences. All I need to do is let it happen and let my inner guide lead the way. Of course, I need to read and understand the signs and take on the situations created for me to be able to follow the correct path. I cannot honestly say that I am always interpreting my inner guide correctly. And maybe I am going wrong more times than right but there seems to also be a great understanding and patience within me and the realisation that I will get it right eventually.

A lot of things have happened during the past months and I have encountered people and events to help me experience what I have to in order to grow and increase my intuition and awareness.

Gabriela Kluge

As this is an ongoing process and I do not know where this will lead, I have decided to start sharing my experiences now and would be happy if this could give you some consolation and perhaps even help you through your own difficult situation, perhaps sickness or other crisis, and in any case share with you my deep insight that theheartknows and that you can always rely on its profound understanding, love and knowledge about your own true needs and life plan.

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