Join, read and comment

Join, read and comment

Dear reader,

Yesterday, I shared with you the details of how I spent the morning of the day before I suffered the ascending aorta dissection of which I almost died. My long recovery helped and triggered an internal process of changing and of personal transformation.

During my recovery, after having returned from the rehabilitation centre in the Swiss mountains, I had started to write a jounal about my recovery progress, feelings and how I perceived myself and how that perception was slowly starting to change.

I would like to therefore slowly fill the pages with what I had experienced, why I think it happened and bit by bit, of my transformation process.

As I am still very much in the middle of my transformation and change of awareness I see my life enfolding before me, sometimes very unexpectedly and sometimes just as I had foreseen it. I would like to let you be part of it and together, we can explore events and thoughts, if you like. I would be grateful to receive your thoughts and comments to help me along my path.

I have had this extreme experience and am absolutely certain that this has not just been for myself and my own development but equally to share with others and to help in some way all of those of you, who feel drawn to my blog and my story.


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