Mind over matter

Mind over matter

How do we change the world? Do we want to and is it possible?

It is possible.

Dr Bruce Lipton has given us enough evidence in his studies as research scientist over the past decades.

Science is moving away more and more from the previous science of genetics and from the old belief system that humans are bound by their individual genes and physical matter and toward the new science of epigenetics.

Epigenetics has given us a new and profound understanding that genes are, in fact, changeable. We are not victims of our genes and body. We can become the masters of our own genes and the matter around us. The science of epigenetics has proven that genes are actually only a blueprint, changeable according to information given, for instance from our environment and our beliefs.

This means, we control our health and our bodies, with our beliefs. It therefore matters greatly how we perceive ourselves and what attitude we have toward our life, our bodies and the environment.

Further, quantum physics has shown clearly that atoms are made of vibrational energy. This means that all physical matter is made of energy – everything in the universe is thus made of energy.

From that, science reasons that energy and vibrations control matter and this, obviously includes our bodies.

What is a thought? It is a measurable energy and therefore can change matter in a powerful way.

Feelings are energy, too! Therefore, feelings of love, beauty, harmony are positive expressions of energy.

After my Near Death Experience, I came to not only be able to relate to these scientific facts but also perceive them as fundamentally true and important for the future of our planet.

Dr Bruce Lipton suggests that in a future, healthy world, energy vibrations will actually become more important than all matter, which is created from energy in the first place. This would mean that we will change to a world were feelings of harmony and positive emotions will become much more important than any material possessions and material wealth.  

We know that we are on the verge of mass distinction and we know that this is due to our human behaviour. We need to want to start changing our genetic blueprints to be able to make the necessary material changes in our environment possible.

I found Dr Bruce Lipton´s newsletter about the power of our minds much to the point, please see below from my theheartknows FB entry – The Adventures of Placeboman.

Hi, I would like to share this newsletter from Dr Bruce Lipton, US, about power of the mind and the CORONA VIRUS. Take…

Gepostet von Theheartknows am Sonntag, 2. Februar 2020
Please find more information on Dr Bruce Lipton here

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