Change is everything – a contribution in German

Change is everything – a contribution in German

I would like to share with you an interview about my NDE – near death experience – in German, published in an inspiring new online magazine called

Alles ist Veränderung

This online magazine was founded by a young woman and her friend who both feel that “life in the fast lane”, career advancement and money cannot be the only desirable goals in life. They choose to widen their horizon and look at the bigger picture for inspiration. They have chosen other values in addition and changed their focus toward a more simple approach but without sacrificing joy, wealth and socializing.

They feel that a simplified life does not have to exclude the amenities our society has to offer but suggest instead to become more aware and to consciously lead away from the overstimulation, mass consumption and performance mania and to look at what else life has to offer.

“Our world, which is becoming more and more complex and fast, presents itself as a challenge for people and the environment. With the magazine, I want us to inspire and contribute to a less complicated life.” Katharina Weins, founder.

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