first tries…

first tries…

There are things, I know to be good at, like keeping my focus on something, get organised, have a plan and execute well. I can also relate well to people, understand them intuitively and, on a professional basis, can make them feel comfortable and well taken care of.

After my near death and the acute ascending aorta dissection, I needed a new purpose. I wanted to get better and have something to look forward to and focus on. That seems to be writing about my emergency operation and recovery.

However, I am not a natural IT user. I still remember typewriters and I remember a time before mobile phones and, of course, smart phones. So, my endevour to build my own blog, with only the help of my oldest son, living 1000 kilometers away from me, started out to be quite challenging. It required quite some degree of courage to even get started! To me, the technical side of how to build and create the blog, including the use of all the different possibilites, like plugins, SEO standard, user tools, seemed at first overwhelming.

I did not know what words like themes, widgets, permalinks, shariff, and many others, even meant. There were some evenings when I wanted to give up, when I closed the laptop and went to bed frustrated. However, my drive to keep going and to succeed was also very strong and I would usually sit back in front of the computer when time allowed to try again. Right now, this is the result and I know, there are still many loose ends and parts missing but I am determined to start writing and know that things will fall into place eventually.

Gabriela Kluge

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